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      Hebel is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) an amazingly innovative building material that has been used in Europe for over 70 years and here in New Zealand for over 20 years.

    • Who is CSR Hebel

      CSR Hebel is part of CSR Building Products NZ that has operated in New Zealand for more than 40 years. CSR Hebel has supplied Hebel AAC products into the NZ market for more than 18 years

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      CSR Hebel offce is based on the South Island in Christchurch

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    • Houses

      Hebel brings building your new home into the 21st century by providing AAC floor panels that look and feel like solid concrete and then adding comfort, environmental and acoustic benefits that only a Hebel home can deliver.

    • Commercial

      Hebel has developed internal floor AAC panel systems for commercial applications ranging from low rise industrial/commercial developments to high rise offices or medium/high density residential buildings.

  • Fences & Barriers
    • PowerFence

      Hebel PowerFence is an innovative residential solid fencing system that’s attractive, versatile and easy to install. Hebel PowerFence is the perfect sound barrier, and can help make your home and outdoor living areas a little more peaceful and quiet. Made from steel-reinforced AAC PowerFence panels are specially coated to prevent corrosion and provide maximum durability.

    • SoundBarrier

      Hebel SoundBarrier is a highly effective acoustic barrier system using Hebel AAC panels that are 25% the weight of concrete and quick to install. Hebel can supply these in panels routed to achieve the most intricate design without the costly limitation of precast moulds and heavy weight construction. Imagine the design flexibility.

  • Downloads
    • Technical Manual

      CSR Hebel’s Technical Manual contains detailed design and installation details including structural design, fire rating and acoustic performance.

    • Installation Guides/Brochures

      Design and installations guides have been prepared for architects and builders providing comprehensive design and selections details, system performance, installation details and handling guidelines of the CSR Hebel products and systems.

    • CAD Files

      Technical drawings for all Hebel systems have been made available in pdf, dwg and dxf formats to suite your downloading requirements. You can search for CAD details based on the selected Hebel system.

    • MSDS

      CSR Hebel’s safety data sheets (MSDS) provide detailed information on chemical hazards identification, first aid, first response, personal protective equipment, physical properties, toxicology and regulations.


NEW easy PowerFence system

The innovative alternative to brick makes masonry fencing easy and affordable - and an ideal fencing system for DIY.

Hebel PowerFence is an attractive and versatile fence system that provides an efficient and effective privacy and noise barrier for residential applications.

Perfect for boundary fencing and low front walls, Hebel PowerFence provides a modular masonry structure using lightweight panels and steel posts which can be easily and quickly erected without the need for extensive excavation or strip footings, as is normally the case for traditional masonry fence construction.

Hebel PowerFence can be finished in either Expressed or Monolithic and can also be adapted to include a range of different decorative treatments such as timber panels or ironwork.

The new PowerFence system uses a specially designed PowerFence Bracket, allowing the single square post to be used for a large variety of fence configurations.

The PowerFence Bracket can be rotated around the post for easy installation of corners. The brackets can be separated vertically on the post to allow panels to be ‘stepped’ for sloping terrain.

Hebel PowerFence system

  • is simple, cost effective and attractive
  • creates privacy and acts as reflective noise barrier system
  • perfect for boundary fencing and as an alternative to brick or block masonry for front fences
  • can be decorated with a range of profiles and looks to provide design flexibility
  • will not rot, is non-combustible and pest-resistant
  • uses 75mm Hebel PowerPanel, with specially coated reinforcement to deter corrosion and provide maximum durability
  • is designed for the majority of conditions in urban New Zealand environments.